Satta King 2016 March

Longtime Rep. Steve King has been ousted in Iowa’s Republican primary after being ostracized by party leaders for comments.

Feenstra and his allies heavily outspent the field, arguing that King had lost his clout in Congress and it was time for a.

King had faced primaries in 2018, when he got 75 percent of the vote, and 2016, when he defeated Republican Rick Bertrand,

Steve King in Tuesday’s.

than 9 percentage points in 2016. One recent data point, lost on many except Iowa Democratic.

Republicans in northwest Iowa were deciding Tuesday whether they’ve had enough of conservative lightning rod Steve King,

TIGER King star Carole Baskin’s late husband’s will signature was forged, according to cop, local to her Tampa, Florida, base.

Netflix star Joe Exotic lamented behind bars Tuesday a court order turning over his former Oklahoma zoo to nemesis Carole.

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Tiger King’s former zoo handed to rival Carole Baskin – A US judge has ordered that a zoo formerly owned by Joe Exotic, the star of Netflix documentary Tiger King, is to be handed.