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Learning 7: Stick to a trusted pimp if you have one. Also try and avoid a pimp selected hotel if possible. City areas matter. Pimps that operate in better parts of the city (MG road and Indiranagar in Bangalore) tend to be much better than those that operate in Koramangala or Bomanahalli.

Prostitution Goes Online: Bangalore Police Arrests Techie, Girl, Roomboy Bangalore, Nov 19 : Bangalore police busted a major online prostitution racket with the arrest of three people, including a.

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Being a prostitute, I have many things to share with those who want to be prostitutes or who want to hire a prostitute! My name is Aahana Chattopadhyay and I am a resident of Bangalore city. I live in Koramangala which is one of the most expensive and well-developed residential areas in Bangalore. Most of you may have thought that prostitutes.